Quantum Asia Solutions Limited

Quantum Asia Solutions Ltd. founded in 2003, is a leading supply chain solutions and SaaS provider in China. It committed to help enterprises realize full visibility of their supply chain process through establishing a more agile, effective and smart digital supply network. Power SCM Cloud is a SaaS platform covering the complete supply chain process, integrating Order Management System (OMS), Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), which was built upon modern technologies including cloud computing, mobile, social, big data and consumer level product design methodology. Together with years of experience serving manufacturing and logistics enterprises, it enables customers to use the system more easily, to make smarter decisions and seamless connections with partners, customers outside the organization. Quantum’s modern implementation methodology derived from industry best practice can help clients achieve the return on investment (ROI) quickly.

Power TMS cloud is an innovative SaaS solution for transportation management. It enables the owners, logistics providers and other partners (carriers and drivers) to work collaboratively on a same platform with 360 degree visibility of the entire transportation process which can be accessed either via internet or mobile. The cost of TMS cloud is low since it charges on demand and no hardware and operational expense.

Power WMS Cloud is a professional warehouse management SaaS solution with industry best practice embedded. Specialized for manufacturing, retail, logistics and e-commerce industries, our WMS Cloud is scenario-based designed and can be easily configured, quickly implemented to secure fast ROI.

Since the launch of Power SCM Cloud in China, there are already lot of industry leading companies deployed successfully, such as Haerbin Pharma Group, Yili Dairy Group, Yanfeng Adient, Fuji Xerox, Giti Tyre, Bao Steal Metal, HiSense Hitachi, Metro, Burger King, Dachser, SUP Logistics, Messer, Nestle, Hennesy and so on.

Company and Products History

  • WMS-TMS 1.0-3.0
  • RF-Barcode Application
  • Start second generation reconstruction of product
  • WMS-TMS 4.0-5.0
  • Mobile App 1.0
  • R&D in Xi’an
  • Industry Solutions
  • WMS-TMS 6.0-7.0
  • Mobile App 2.0
  • eCommerce industry solution
  • Urban delivery system
  • Start to develop SaaS framework
  • Launch TMS cloud
  • Mobile App 3.0
  • Data Analysis Cloud
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  • Release Power WMS Cloud
  • Launch WMS cloud and Power SCM Cloud platform