Quantum OMS Cloud help customers to handle the full life-cycle of order management from order receiving to settlement. Orders no matter from internal system or external multi-channels can be centralized in the order center. The full process of order processing is visible by integrating with WMS cloud and TMS cloud. Centralized monitoring and control can be realized to ensure accurate and timely order delivery.

Quantum OMS Cloud


  • Order Center

    Collecting orders from web portals, mobile, B2B or B2C eCommerce platform, call centers, ERP other internal or external sources and process orders centrally in the order center. Then order full life-cycle management and inventory visibility can be realized.

  • Order Dispatch

    Based on pre-defined rules, system can consolidate and split orders, prioritize orders and release, freeze or cancel orders. Inventory can be optimized while meet customer requirements.

  • Order Collaboration

    Your supply chain partners can be involved in order delivery through websites or mobile equipments with real time data accessing. It can also be expand to distributors to realize inventory management or suppliers ASN and label management.

  • Fees Settlement

    AR/PR can be integrated from WMS cloud and TMS cloud or imported from other logistics service providers. Bills can be aggregated by shipping orders or by customers and can be allocated based on business rules.


  • Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Integrated WMS cloud system, manage inbound and outbound process and monitor inventory.

  • Transportation Management

    Transportation Management

    Integrated TMS cloud system, manage outbound transportation, increase customer satisfaction by full transportation process visualization

  • Open API

    Open API

    Support EDI and interface with business systems, such as SAP、Oracle; Open API easier for partners integration

  • Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence

    360 degree view of data from the whole supply chain, lots of report and dashboard templates ready to use, analyze order history, status and trends

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